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Hardball Briefing for Thursday, December 9

Written By Unknown on December 09, 2010 | 2:48 PM

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Coming up on Hardball

Tonight on Hardball: Days after going to the mat with Republicans over the tax deal, President Obama tries to sell his stance to his own party. The White House is playing hardball with the House, and tonight we'll talk to House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer and the Washington Post's Ezra Klein.

And then: For all the talk about a strict adherence to the Constitution, some conservatives are now backing a Constitutional amendment that would allow states to overturn any federal laws they disagree with! We'll talk with Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli about that tonight. And then: The release of explosive, never-before-heard Nixon tapes, including conversations about Watergate. Tune in for the details!
Plus: Sarah Palin, mama grizzly, caribou hunter, and Presidential hopeful? We'll talk with Time magazine's Jay Newton-Small, who has a profile of the former Governor out this week, and with MSNBC Political Analyst Richard Wolffe about Palin's shoot-'em-up approach to political gain.
Erin Delmore wrote the "Hardball Briefing�? from Washington, D.C.
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