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News Alert: Mideast Resists U.S. on Blocking Financing to Terrorists, Cables Suggest

Written By Unknown on December 05, 2010 | 4:01 AM

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The New York Times
Sun, December 05, 2010 -- 7:00 AM ET

Mideast Resists U.S. on Blocking Financing to Terrorists, Cables Suggest

Nine years after the United States vowed to shut down the
money pipeline that finances terrorism, senior Obama
administration officials say they believe that many millions
of dollars are flowing largely unimpeded to extremist groups
worldwide, and they have grown frustrated by frequent
resistance from allies in the Middle East, according to
secret diplomatic dispatches.

The government cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and made
available to several news organizations, catalog a long list
of methods that American officials suspect terrorist
financiers are using.

The cables also describe how the leaders of Iraq are
struggling to restrain the ambitions of the countries that
share its porous borders, eye its rich resources and vie for

Dozens of other cables reveal the deep distrust by some
traditional European allies of an American government program
to monitor international banking transactions for terrorist

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